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December 19, 2019

Mince pies, turkey and sprouts all have their place but not everybody will want to scoff all the traditional Christmas delicacies over the festive period.

Some of us would rather settle into the sofa with a piccante pizza and a firm grasp of the remote control. Main pic is from Wiki.

Just opened on Meadow Place Road in Corstorphine, Napolè Pizzeria is a restaurant and takeaway that can make those Christmas wishes come true.

Formerly DOC Mediterranean Bistro - it was Redwood Californian bistro before that, fact fans - the new venture served its first customers last Sunday.

Offering sit-in and takeaway, pick-up only, Napolè Pizzeria has a large clue in its name.

They offer around a dozen pizza variations plus a DIY pizza dough panino that customers can freestyle with their choice of cheeses, meats and veg.

Some of the pizza are familiar - hello margherita and piccante - others less so.

La bufalina features a base of pesto cream with buffalo mozzarella, chopped red and yellow cherry tomato plus a touch of walnuts

L'orto a tavola includes a creamy base of courgettes topped with fior di latte cheese, basil and mixed vegetables.

Chef's specials

Guests could also choose one of the chef's specials. The stella is a star-shaped pizza with eight different toppings chosen by the chef. It is served with rocket salad, Parma ham and Parmesan shavings.

While the pizza are sure to be popular, Napolè Pizzeria has other cards up its sleeve.

Alternative main courses include a dish of mixed pasta with mussels and white beans; our old friend lasagne and, for the carb fiends, a traditional Italian recipe made with pasta, potato, Provola cheese and pancetta.

Naturally, there are desserts on hand to fill any spaces left in your appetite. As well as a Neapolitan take on a rum baba, we were intrigued by the pastiera Napoletana - citrus-scented Italian wheat and creamy ricotta cheese cake.