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January 31, 2020

Edinburgh has led the way with curious food news stories this week.

First up, we doff our hats to the Dreadnought bar in Edinburgh.

Earlier this week, they scored headlines in The Sun and The Scotsman for a poster advertising their new dress code.

The tongue-in-cheek advice was issued to deter people from turning up wearing 'jobby catchers' or displaying mankles.

As we have just learned, 'jobby catchers' are tracksuit bottoms with elasticated bottom hems while mankles are the flesh displayed by people who can't afford socks and fashionably advertise the fact by turning up their jeans.

Both offend the sartorial sensibilities of the Dreadnought's more refined staff.

The pub is an old hand at garnering attention. Last year, they gained column inches by introducing theft-proof glasses etched with slogans such as 'I voted UKIP'.

My Friend, The Murderer

Sticking with the quirky side of the capital, we have learned that Newington is soon to have a new pub with the intriguing name My Friend, The Murderer.

Named after an Arthur Conan Doyle story, the Newington Road bar replaces The Mocking Bird Bar.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment, but, when it opens in February, guests can look forward to pizza, pastries from Twelve Triangles, and sixteen taps of beer from independent breweries.

Next up, we wanted to mention Sora Lella on Brougham Street. It opened at the end of October last year and stands out as it is billed as a 'vegan Roman' restaurant.

Edinburgh is not short of Italian restaurants but a vegan Italian is a new one to us.

The menu is here. The main pic above is from the restaurant's Facebook and shows their bucatini all’Amatriciana with vegan bacon in a slow-cooked tomato sauce.

Tart and Lobster

Last but by no means least, we head back west to the Hilton Glasgow.

Their Morblas restaurant is no more. In its place is Tart and Lobster, a name which very much does what it says on the tin.

The tarts in question include versions made with warm confit duck, heritage tomato, fig and brie, beetroot, and lobster.

As well as lamb shanks, pork, hake and chicken dishes, there are Himalayan salt-aged steaks and three variations on lobster.

You can choose to have your crustacean served cold with mayonnaise or hot with either a thermidor or Newburg sauce.

Bon appetit!