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January 13, 2020

Hot on the heels of Vanessa Hudgens partying in Edinburgh's CC Blooms last month, those of a more mature persuasion might be pleased to learn that Joanna Lumley has been out and about in Glasgow.

According to Glasgow Live, the Ab Fab star was in Five March on Elderslie Street on Saturday night.

While we hope that Ms Lumley enjoyed a lovely meal, we are holding out for Robert Pattinson arriving in Glasgow as the next instalment of The Batman franchise begins film in Glasgow. Main pic from Apocalypse.

Apparently, from late February Glasgow will be doubling as Gotham City and the new Batmobile will be zipping around town.

In other news, Dram reports that The Grow Room has now opened on Mitchell Lane.

Formerly Panther Milk, the hidden bar at the back of Tabac, the new venture is serving cocktails which feature the hyper trendy CBD or cannabidiol.

A non-psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD is popping up as the ingredient du jour on several menus in London and its advocates claim that is it can have several health benefits.

Far out.

Thumbs up?

The last couple of weekends also saw several prominent reviews of Glasgow and Edinburgh restaurants.

In The Sunday Times, Marina O'Loughlin was smitten with Glasgow's new Sugo pasta restaurant. It's behind a firewall so I won't link to it but she thought it 'little short of remarkable'. In fact, she reckons that, 'Sugo is about a gazillion times better than it needs to be'.

In yesterday's Sunday Herald, Joanna Blythman took a more nuanced view of the recently opened Gloriosa on Argyle Street.

The first two thirds of the critic's meal left her unconvinced. It was 'quite expensive' but she felt that diners may still leave 'a little bit hungry, or at least, slightly unsatisfied'.

Not that there weren't good features. 'Prodigious professional skill' was evident in many of the dishes and the reviewer looked forward to 'more transformative cooking' as the restaurant bedded in.

And a couple of weeks back, a breathless Jay Rayner was wowed by The Lookout on top of Edinburgh's Calton Hill.

Despite it being 'high altitude dining with prices to match', he though the restaurant 'absolutely worth it'.