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January 24, 2020

Like a good menu, this blog has something for everyone. Something sad, something new. And something indigestible.

Decide for yourselves which is which.

This blogger didn't know whether to laugh or cry when we saw the news story (firewall so no link) about a possibly confused restaurant diner who had ordered their steak well done because they were vegetarian.

The story was a result of a tweet from the restaurateur and chef Ally McGrath who has the excellent Osso restaurant in Peebles.

In some ways, it reveals a touching belief in the miraculous powers of chefs. According to the Bible, Jesus turned water into wine.

Impressive but, unfortunately, the gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John fail to record whether or not he ever attempted to turn beef into a vegetable.

Incidentally, we're sure there is a good substantiation gag in there somewhere but since learned theologians have argued on that subject for centuries, we will leave well alone.

Miraculous chefs

Anyhow, if it does that turn out that chefs have miraculous powers, can we make a couple of requests?

How about hangover-free bourbon and non-fattening doughnuts?

Moving on swiftly, Edinburgh Evening News report that Yo! Sushi, @pizza, and Five Guys are all on the tenant list for the new St James development when it opens later this year in Edinburgh.

They join The Alchemist cocktail bar and restaurant which threw its hat in the ring last year. Main pic is Alchemist Liverpool Facebook.

While some chains plan openings, others are reporting closures.

The administrators have been called in on The Handmade Burger Co. All eighteen units in the UK are closing including four in Scotland.

South East Asian flavours from scratch

More happily, we note that The Stevens Hospitality Group (founders of Bar Soba, Pizza Punks etc) is advertising for staff for a new place called Mamasan Bar and Brasserie in Glasgow city centre.

Apparently, the 'menu will take inspiration from the flavours of South East Asia paired up with the best of Scottish produce from farm, field and sea'. The 'entire menu will be made from scratch right down to our pastes and even producing our own coconut cream'.


Is this a reboot of the old Mamasan in St Jude's on Bath Street? Or something completely new?

More when we have some facts.