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February 3, 2020

If there were an award for culinary bravery, we reckon that Coulotte Steakhouse would be in the running for launching in the middle of Veganuary.

The new Cambuslang venture opened in mid-January on Main Street.

As the name implies, beef is at the centre of menu. Along with assorted pork and chicken wings, ribs and burgers. Main pic is from restaurant Facebook.

Not that you need to be red in tooth and claw to enjoy a meal at Coulotte Steakhouse. In this day and age, it is rare to find a kitchen that ignores its potential veggie and vegan customers.

Coulotte Steakhouse is no exception and there are vegan burgers, wraps and a club sandwich on the menu.

The latter has swapped the traditional chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo for the house vegan chilli, soyrizo and vegan cheese on a toasted ciabatta.

Turning back to the beef, Coulotte's menu offers assorted cuts and weights of locally sourced steak from an eight ounce rump to the mighty 36 ounce tomahawk for two.

They come with garlic-fried greens and roasted cherry tomatoes, rosemary-dusted chips or buttery mash.

Side dishes run numerous variations on fries to a tossed salad, mac 'n' cheese or Irn Bru onion rings.

There is a short selection of burgers; a wrap and sandwich section plus a choice of salads.

Rack up the ribs

If you want to get messy with a rack of ribs, they offer a baby back of pork ribs or a slow-cooked fore rib of beef.

Happily for this traditionally skint time of year, the prices are more suburban than city centre.

Apart from the steaks, most of the main courses are under a tenner; sometimes significantly so.

The steaks start at £13.50 for the rump steak while an eight ounce sirloin is yours for £16.50.

Incidentally, the name is nothing to do with culottes, the historically confusing item of clothing.

Instead, it seems to be the American name for a cut of beef taken from the top sirloin. It may correspond with the Brazilian picanha cut but, to be honest, this is not our area of expertise.

We wish Coulotte Steakhouse every success!