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February 19, 2020

Edinburgh night owls can say 'Hola!' to Uno Mas Bar, a late-opening basement bar and live music venue on Picardy Place.

It is the brain child of Sian Buchan and John McLellan. You might recognise the former from her time at Panda & Sons while the latter has manned the decks at many a 'burgh nightspot.

As well as a 3am licence, guests can look forward to live bands, top tunage from the, er, wheels of steel and ace cocktails.

Before it was Uno Mas, the premises housed GHQ nightclub and, if memory serves, it was Tokyo before that.

We forget.

Sticking with Edinburgh. Or at least Corstorphine, Edinburgh Live reports that Prana Indian Grill will soon be opening in the old Abida premises on St John's Road.

A 'magical dining experience' is promised.

Street art and golf

Zipping west to Glasvegas, the city's range of competitive socialising venues looks set to expand with the news that Ghetto Golf is setting up in Glasgow. 

As the blog has banged on about many times previously, we are seeing a boom in entertainment venues which are hoping to draw in the Gen Z market with a mix of street food, cocktails, craft beers, DJs and a 21st century take on old school games such as darts, table tennis, bowling and crazy golf.

Ghetto Golf's USP seems to be an emphasis on insta-friendly 'creative street art'. Or graffiti as we used to call it.

The new venture is aiming to open on Lancefield Street in April. They have existing branches in Liverpool, Birmingham and Newcastle. Main pic is from their Newcastle Facebook.

Saving the planet, one gin at a time

Arbikie, the field to bottle distillery up by Arbroath, has announced the arrival of its carbon neutral gin, Nàdar.

Meaning nature in Gaelic, Nàdar is claimed to be 'the world’s first climate positive gin made from peas'.

Apparently, Nàdar has a carbon footprint of -1.54 kg CO2e per 700ml bottle.

Arbikie reckons that Nàdar is at the 'forefront of the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss'.

Not sure what Great Thunberg would have to say about that but hey! Carbon neutral gin! We'll drink to that.

There is some science stuff on Arbikie's website, if that's your bag. Chemistry was not this blogger's forte so we'll just say that we are delighted to give peas a chance.

I'll get me coat. 

Nàdar Gin: fighting climate change with peas.

Nàdar Gin: fighting climate change with peas.