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February 7, 2020

Potentially one of the most exciting Glasgow openings on the horizon is Zinfandel.

Preparing to open in the former Sammy's on Nithsdale Road, the new venture is billed as a gastro bar with lots of interesting wine and ten taps of craft beer.

Scheduled to open around the 20th of February, Zinfandel is headed up by two Croatian chefs: Mate Jankovic and Frane Badrov.

The former has made many appearances on Croatian telly both as a cooking show judge and as a host for Anthony Bourdain when the late American filmed an episode of No Reservations in Croatia.

The menu promises to be filled with the best Scottish ingredients cooked with a Croatian twist to make modern European dishes.

To which we say, 'Yowsa!'

Ca va bien, merci

Looking further into the future, we see that Paul Sloan - who is involved with Mezzidakia, Topolabamba and Chakoo Bombay Café among many others - is to open Ca Va on Fenwick Road, Giffnock, at the beginning of March.

The premises formerly housed the short-lived Cherry Tree. We have little further info other than it will be a bar and brasserie. Presumably one that serves French food.

Next up, we bring you news of Slay on Glassford Street.

As a new club/music venue in the old Mansion House premises, it's a bit off the 5pm Food blog's beat but we were tickled by the fact that imminent gigs include the acts Fleshgod Apocalypse, Misery Index and our old friends Decapitated.

Now we just need to look out our old Cannibal Corpse T-shirt.

Missing EU Already

Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, Ooh Mami in Leith is making a splash after launching in December.

Formerly Miss Woo's on Bernard Street, it is now under new management.

Pan-Asian scran is still the focus along with an ever changing cocktail list. Inspired by recent events, the cocktail board latterly featured drinks such as Missing EU Already, Etonian Mess and What Have You Done, Dave?

If you would happily get outside some treacle teriyaki chicken, shitake ramen or several varieties of dumpling, then you know where to go.

Ooh Mami: offpiste cocktails a-go-go.

Ooh Mami: offpiste cocktails a-go-go. Pic: Facebook.