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February 12, 2020

The origins of St Valentine's Day are muddled. Some says its roots lie in a drunken, pagan, fertility rite.

Others think that it all dates back to the third century AD when a rather grumpy Roman emperor executed two Christians called Valentine on the 14th of February.

However Valentine's Day started, it is now firmly established as the one day in the year when anyone in a relationship, or hoping to be in one, had better make a romantic gesture.

What exactly that might be is open to interpretation. Gifts of flowers, chocolates, scent and lingerie may be clichéd but, if sales are anything to go by, they remain as popular as ever.

Of course, most retailers have a very clear idea of what their customers want from them when it comes to Valentine's Day.

A lingerie set from Aldi may not be top of many people's Valentine's wish list and the German supermarket chain is smart enough to know this.

Instead, they are selling heart-shaped lorne sausages with a spokesperson telling one newspaper that they are 'guaranteed to bring a "slice" of romance to the breakfast table'.

Boom boom!

The love heart sausages went on sale yesterday.

Valentine's Day or early April Fool?

No locking lips at Frankie and Benny's unless in a PDA zone.

No locking lips at Frankie and Benny's unless in a PDA zone.

Not one to miss an opportunity, the Frankie and Benny's chain of restaurants have come up with an interesting St Val's wheeze.

Apparently, they are introducing no PDA (public displays of affection) zones to prevent loved-up couples from putting less amorous diners off their food.

The decision was made by the Italian-American restaurant, following nationwide research, suggesting as many as half of Brits feel uncomfortable when it comes to snogging in restaurants.

As many as 36 percent of the 2,000 respondents surveyed feel people indulging in PDAs such as over-zealous kissing, feeding each other and licking each other’s fingers should save it for when they get home.

In place just for St Val's, the PDA-free zones will mean diners can tuck into their food, safe in the knowledge they won’t be faced with a steamy scene on the next table.

Keen not to exclude anyone, the restaurants will also have designated PDA zones.

Naturally, there are plenty of other restaurants who would be delighted to take your booking for St Valentine's Day.

Readers can browse and book these 5pm offers in Glasgow and in Edinburgh.

You will have to make your own inquiries as to any potential PDA-free zones.