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March 23, 2020

On Friday evening, in light of the government's restaurant shut-down, 5pm suspended restaurant bookings.

Normally, we try to fill the blog with exciting new restaurants which are about to launch along with posts about imminent food festivals, new menus and restaurant trends.

Obviously, these are not normal times and, at the moment, there is little point in writing about cancelled events and restaurants which nobody can go to.

Instead, we are going to tell you about 5pm restaurants which have pivoted to carry out or takeaway menus; simple recipes and some tips on home working.

The government's pledge to financially support restaurants through the current crisis is very welcome. It has saved a lot of jobs.

However, lots of 5pm restaurants are keeping their kitchens open in order to provide takeaway menus.

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting these restaurants and showing you how to order from them.

We are also going to be posting simple recipes for you to cook at home. The emphasis will very much be on dishes which are simple, easy to cook and wholesome.

We are not going to be writing about sous vide cooking, molecular gastronomy or explaining how to make aubergine caviar. Think more along the lines of how to pimp beans on toast; great curry standbys and a 101 things to do with chickpeas.

If you need some inspiration right now then click over to Jack Monroe and the fantastic Cooking On A Bootstrap site.

Shop local

Incidentally, while there have been many headlines about supermarket shelves stripped bare, this blogger has found that local neighbourhood shops seem to be well stocked.

The local butcher had plenty on offer and the local fruit and veg shop seemed to be running as normal.

I appreciate that not everybody has a butcher and a greengrocer within walking distance but even the most basic newsagent will have enough grub to rustle up a meal.

Worth thinking about if your nearest supermarket has been temporarily picked clean.

We will also be giving some hints on home working. Your blogger has worked from home for the best part of twenty years and I like to think that I have pretty much got it down pat.

The first rule of home working is never, ever switch on the TV.

Stay safe, wash your hands and we'll be back tomorrow.