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March 2, 2020

Without wishing to sound like a fossil - and failing - it used to be so simple.

Bars sold booze. Restaurants sold food. Hairdressers cut hair.

Well, sorry Grandad, but it's time to wake up and smell the nitro-brew Sumatran.

Friday 6th March will see the official opening of Lost in Leith on Commercial Quay.

The latest project from Leith's Campervan Brewery, Lost in Leith is billed as a bar and fermentaria.

As well as selling the brewery's numerous draught and canned beers, the premises will sling interesting beers from all over the world.

Heart of oak

Even more exciting for the geekier beer fan is that Lost in Leith has three enormous oak Foeders - a sort of large cask - in which to mature different beers. The pic above, which comes from Campervan, shows the Foeders.

Apparently, much like wine or whisky, the beer's flavour is altered by the oak and takes on new flavour profiles.

Speaking to the Edinburgh Evening News, Campervan founder Paul Gibson said, 'We believe we are the first bar in the UK to have a dedicated area to show people how we age beer in oak barrels. We plan to mature our beer in the Foeders as it’s a traditional method of brewing which is very environmentally friendly with minimal intervention... Over the course of the next few months we plan to introduce our fermented foods, which we’ll pair up with local produce and showcase these with our beer and wine pairings.'

DJs, gin and Supa Sleeka at BLOW

Meanwhile, in Glasgow, BLOW is expanding its hair salons with a new branch which opens today on Queen Street.

The new branch joins the existing BLOW units in Finnieston and Shawlands.

Normally, this would be more of a piece for our fab Health and Beauty blog.

After all, this blogger would struggle to tell the difference between BLOW's Supa Sleeka blow dry and a Big and Boujee.

We've included it here because BLOW is offering clients the run of its complimentary gin bar stocked with Wildcat Gin.

Even this blogger knows that many salons and barbers offer their clients a glass of fizz or a beer while their barnets are being attended to.

However, BLOW doesn't just offer their customers a drink; they have an entire signature drinks menu.

Add in the fact that live DJs will play BLOW at weekends and we have to ask the question: are hair salons the new clubs?

We'll be back on firmer ground tomorrow with news of a new restaurant and bar in Glasgow city centre.