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September 3, 2020

Having launched in January, the Morrison Street venture had an enforced hiatus for a few months and then started welcoming guests back at the end of July.

The Scotsman's Gaby Soutar managed to squeeze in a favourable review of Pomo Pizzeria before March. As well as enjoying il scran, she noted that it was the latest biz from the team that run Mia Italia in Dalry as well as the two La Casa outlets on Leith Walk and in Dalry.

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure what the main offering is at Pomo Pizzeria.

What is unusual is they specialise in Romana style pizza rather than the more conventional Neapolitan style.

If you want a blow-by-blow account of the differences then chow down on this article.

We'll leave it up to Pomo to differentiate between the two: 'pizza Romana – thinner, crunchier and lighter – all the better to support the myriad toppings our pizzaiolo like to work with. However, Neapolitan pizza still stays in the game and is ready to fill your hungry stomach, as it is soft and has a high edge'.

Capiche? They make Romana style pizza but will happily knock up a Neapolitan style one if you want.

Keep it simple, keep it real

In true Italian style, they keep their pizza toppings simple. The emphasis is on a handful of good ingredients that work well together rather than going for the overkill and using a dozen or so random toppings to create a monster.

The menus don't say this anywhere but we imagine that asking for a pineapple topping is, quite rightly, frowned upon.

Gluten-free pizza are available.

The keep-it-simple ethos also applies to their short but sweet list of pasta dishes and a range of starters such as cured meats and burrata with bail, olive oil and cherry tomatoes.

Book with 5pm

You can book into Pomo Pizzeria via 5pm.

And if you are on the other side of the M8, we have oodles of offers on Italian restaurants in Glasgow which can be browsed here.

The offers available will depend on what day it is but we like the sound of two courses from the à la carte for two plus a bottle of wine for £41.95 from Roma in the city centre.

All images from Pomo Facebook.

The heat is on at Pomo.

The heat is on at Pomo.