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October 15, 2020

Regrettably, social media is not always a happy place. The trouble is that it can be more anti-social than sociable.

In fact, we're sure that were Twitter and Facebook real people then it is 50/50 on which would be most likely to start an argument in a empty room.

If one bumped against the other in a pub and beer was spilled then it would end in a punch-up in the car park.

So, as we approach another weekend which will be more locked down than many would like, we are delighted to bring a little Twitter ray of sunshine to proceedings.

A few weeks back, Twitter users started to point out the resemblance between Aldi’s Anti-Establishment beer and BrewDog’s popular Punk IPA.

Creating 'like brands' is a successful part of the supermarket's strategy but not one that endears itself to the brands which are imitated.

Giving it Yaldi

BrewDog retaliated by suggesting that they would create a fake Aldi beer called Yaldi.

Traditionally during a Twitter exchange, this would be the point where the gloves would come off and a death spiral of pointless insults would rapidly proliferate.

Instead, Aldi got in touch with BrewDog to ask about listing this new beer. 

After a little more flirtation, both parties decided to make nice and get a room. The eventual upshot is that the new brew, called Ald IPA, is on the shelves today.

For every case sold, Aldi and BrewDog will plant an extra tree in the brewery's carbon-offsetting forest.

ALD IPA will be available as a Specialbuy from Thursday 15th October and is BrewDog’s first ever exclusive creation for a supermarket. A 4.7% session IPA, it is based on BrewDog’s Hop Fiction recipe and costs £1.39 per can (330ml).

The transition from Aldi’s Anti-Establishment beer to Ald IPA via Yaldi made us chuckle anyway.

Woohoo for WooHa Big Deal

WooHa: wasn't that a Blur song?

WooHa: wasn't that a Blur song?

Of course, other beers are available. In particular, we would draw your attention to this Big Deal on 12 mixed bottles of beer from WooHa, an award-winning Indie brewery based in the wilds of Kinloss up in the Highlands.

We like the sound of the Rauch 'n' Roll described as a 'rich, smoky porter'. Perfect for autumn evenings.