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October 6, 2020

Keeping it short and simple, we have news of The Greenhouse, Ikigai Ramen and Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival.

The Greenhouse has opened in the Dalkeith Road premises vacated by Edinburgh Food Studio back in the gloomy days of spring.

If Edinburgh Food Studio majored in very carefully sourced, sometimes exotic ingredients cooked in novel ways - often by big name chefs from far-flung corners of the world - then The Greenhouse is a simpler affair.

And, to this blogger, their offer looks perfectly suited to the neighbourhood market.

Apparently, they use 'only fresh and high quality products to ensure every dish... is as good as possible... Everything we serve here is homemade and freshly cooked to your order'.

On the plate, this means starters such as Cullen skink; roasted beetroot with ricotta, apple, sage and candied walnut or mussels in a creamy, white wine sauce.

On the current dinner menu, main courses include a chanterelle risotto; baked cod with a Jerusalem artichoke purée and a rump of lamb. Main pic shows chicken and wild mushroom tagliatelle from Greenhouse Facebook.

The occasional dish hints at a possible Central European influences. As autumn gets underway, we are not going to argue with recent specials like the mushroom-stuffed pork roulade with buckwheat, gherkin salad and jus.

Yes, please.

Fresh noodles

Last week, we blogged about the recent boom in restaurants serving food from South East Asia and beyond.  

Somehow, we missed out Edinburgh's bijou Ikigai Ramen.

As the name indicates, the West Cross Causewayside restaurant specialises in noodles.

They make their own noodles fresh each day and serve five varieties of ramen including dishes served in tonkatsu or pork bone broth plus a veggie broth made with shiitake mushrooms.

Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival

Looking forward to this weekend, Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival is taking place at a new venue: Outside @ Edinburgh Corn Exchange.

As the name of the venue suggests, social distancing has been at the top of the planning agenda.

Tickets start at £49.50 plus booking. That includes entry; a branded glass and samples from dozens of forward-thinking breweries.

The food on offer includes top grub from Bross Bagels and award-winning, 5pm member Harajuku Kitchen.

More info here. It starts on Friday 9th October.

There are hundreds of beers to try at this weekend's Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival.

There are hundreds of beers to try at this weekend's Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival. Pic: Facebook.

Sparkling afternoon tea Big Deal

We realise that not everybody likes beer.

Some prefer to have a mousse on the top of their drink rather than a frothy head of suds.

They like their drinks lively with a constant stream of bubbles rising from the bottom of their fluted glass.

These people are called sparkling wine lovers and we suspect they may like the look of this Big Deal from Champagne Central in Glasgow.

£28 will buy you a Prosecco afternoon tea for two in this glam bar, part of the Grand Central hotel.

Afternoon tea at Champagne Central: getting down and dainty.

Afternoon tea at Champagne Central: getting down and dainty.