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October 29, 2020

Nok's Kitchen, the excellent Thai restaurant which has been trading in Stockbridge for the last few years, has just expanded and taken over the former Spirit of Thailand Premises on Johnstone Terrace.

They are currently operating as a takeaway but we are assuming that full restaurant service will resume when allowed. Pic above is from Nok's Facebook.

Thanks to Edinburgh Live, we also see that Civerino's is looking to open in two new, as yet unspecified locations in Portobello and Corstorphine.

They already dish out their pizzas from Hunter Square, Forrest Road and The High Dive Bar.

Top of the pods

We were going to witter on about McLaren's on the Corner in Bruntsfield and their ski resort cable cars.

This being Bruntsfield, it has been reported that these cable cars have not come from any old ski resort but are in fact from upmarket Corcheval.


The six, four-person pods seem to have been installed as a Covid-protection measure.

It is certainly cunning but is it cunning enough to comply with the latest, labyrinthine five tier regulations?

Don't ask us. This blogger still can't figure if I'm allowed to eat a bag of crisps in a public park on my own on Tuesdays.

Got a bone to pick with you

Anyway, instead of blethering about that, the 5pm Food blog has gone unusually seasonal and picked up on a couple of Halloween-themed nuggets.

While wandering around Leith a couple of weekends ago, we noticed that Hemingway's - a newish cocktail bar - had filled its seats with dressed-up skeletons.

The owner had originally got the skeletons in as Halloween decorations but, with Lothian pubs remaining shut over the Halloween weekend, the bony bodies seem to be making a more sombre statement about the health of the licensed trade at the moment.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Last but not least, we will mention this terrifying report about a Halloween prank which Burger King are running in select Scandinavian Burger King restaurants.

Apparently, they are using voice recognition software which is installed in their toilets. If anyone enters and says 'Cancelled clown' three times in a row, the lights go out and a malevolent-looking clown appears in the bathroom mirrors.

And we're not talking Krusty from The Simpsons.

Of course, it's a dig at Ronald MacDonald, the former mascot of their biggest, fast food rivals.

We await with bated breath the McDonald's comeback prank. The Burger King mascot as Blue Beard?

There is a Burger King video to go with the prank but we were too scared to watch it as we are still in recovery after watching Stephen King's IT.

Have a lovely, spooky weekend.