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August 30, 2021

Apparently, the film star enjoyed his chicken tikka masala dish so much that he ordered a second.

What a baller move! That is exactly the sort of Hollywood diet that we could get behind.

If only we had Tom Cruise's stamina and appetite.

We have all eaten a curry and thought, 'Mmm, that was so good I could eat another one' but then common sense kicks in.

You feel full after one curry and, no matter how delicious it was, eating a second is, at best, a fantasy.

Unless you are Tom Cruise.

Never mind doing your own stunts. Taking on two tikka masalas takes real guts.

Big Deal at Madras Cafe

Of course, fans of Indian cuisine can always indulge their passion with 5pm Big Deals.

We currently have an offer from Madras Cafe on Howard Street, next to the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow.

£14.99 will buy you a starter, main course and soft drink. The offer is available noon to 6pm, Wednesday to Monday until the end of October. Main pic above, taken from Facebook, shows Chennai chicken from Madras Cafe.

Alternatively, you could explore the menus at Raunak Raseel on Clarendon Street in the West End.

Authentic Indian dishes served in tapas portions is the name of the game at this friendly restaurant.

We like the look of the Delhi style lamb which is cooked on the bone for extra flavour.

Haggis pakora

Authentic Indian dishes shine on the menu at Raunak Raseel.

Authentic Indian dishes shine on the menu at Raunak Raseel.

Naturally, we can always be persuaded to get our choppers around a haggis pakora or mini dosa stuffed with spicy keema.

As well as a range of dishes hot from the tandoor oven, Raunak Raseel also serves Nepalese momo dumplings, a wide choice of veggie dishes and sharing options such as the Hyderabadi biryani.

It has proved a hit with 5pm diners. This is what one guest had to say, earlier this month:

'Lovely food! The deal was great, the food was beautiful, well cooked and a good quantity! Service was perfect too.' Five stars.

We can't promise that you will spot Tom Cruise but you can count on 5pm to deliver a blockbuster meal.