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March 21, 2022

From games bars to pakora bars, it is all going on in the dear green place.

Readers who are old enough to remember the pleasures of wasting an afternoon in an arcade may want to wallow in nostalgia at the new NQ64 bar which has just opened in Merchant Square.

From Pac-Man to Space Invaders via Tekken 3, the new venture has dozens of classic arcade games to play.

Obviously, becoming a guitar hero or conquering House of the Dead is thirsty work so the bar staff at NQ64 will keep warriors hydrated with craft beers and cocktails.

We'll have a Mad Max which mixes rum, grapefruit, velvet falernum, absinthe, lime and cinnamon fire.

Return of the pakora

And in another blast from the past, Murphy's Pakora Bar is staging a comeback in Finnieston.

Way back in the Nineties, Murphy's Pakora Bar offered the ever enticing combination of pakora and booze.

As always, fashions change and, if memory serves, it closed around the Millennium and became The Goat.

With a relaunch planned for the beginning of April, the new Murphy's Pakora Bar will be located at 1293 Argyle Street, former site of Spice of Life.

As well as pakora, there will be a small selection of curries and assorted small plates of nibbles on the menu at the late night bar.

In a further twist of fate, the owner and manager at Murphy's is Nitesh Majhu, son of Sanjay and Jiggy Majhu who ran the place back in the day.

Glasgow Craft Beer Festival

If you like your ale, then you may want to mark off Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of July on your diary as that is when Glasgow Craft Beer Festival will take up residency in SWG3.

The popular event has apparently outgrown its former Edinburgh home and is planning a flit across the M8.

Details have still to be released but, if it is anything like the Edinburgh hoolie, then beer lovers can expect live music, street food and, of course, lashings and lashings of interesting brews from innovative breweries from all over the world.

And finally, hats off to Chapmans Butchers in Baillieston who have recently started selling a breakfast pie.

According to Glasgow Live, the delicacy includes square sausage, black pudding and haggis. All topped with a potato scone. Naturally.

Don't ever go changing Glasgow.