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May 23, 2022

Edinburgh is slowly but surely beginning to gear up for the festival season with new restaurants settling in before the August onslaught.

Along with his brother, Lucky, Tony Singh has relocated his Radge Chaat pop-up from Edinburgh's West End to the Bonnie & Wilde Scottish Marketplace in the St James Quarter.

'Chaat' are an Indian street food 'characterised by their sweet, sour, spicy, tangy, and crunchy taste'. The word derives from 'chaatna' meaning to lick and, according to Tony, chaat dishes always have five components.

The base is usually some sort of carb such as a samosa or pakora. Topping this is a sauce that adds spice and tang. Think along the lines of coriander, tamarind or mint along with some cooling yoghurt. Next up are crunchy elements such as spicy shreds of fried potato or fired and spiced chickpeas. These are joined by some pieces of boiled spud and crunchy, juicy, raw tomato and onion. It is all finished with a sprinkling of chaat masala - 'a ubiquitous Indian spice blended with a predominant amount of black salt'.

The Singhs' chaat will be joined by dosas, butter 'chicken', regional specialities and a sort of crispy, spicy puffed snack called fur fur. It is all vegetarian or vegan.

Of course, if Tony is working when you visit Radge Chaat then your food will likely be served with a side dish of radge chat from the ever lively celeb chef.

Main pic shows Tony and Lucky at their pop-up. Taken from Facebook page.

Other vendors at Bonnie & Wilde include The Gannet East, El Perro Negro and Salt and Chilli Oriental. All of which proved smash hits in Glasgow before dipping a toe in the Edinburgh market.

Fired up for focaccia at Fettle

Sticking with Edinburgh, Fettle has opened on Marshall Street in the former Ransacked Loaded premises. Sourdough focaccia made with East Lothian wheat, 'well dressed salads' and baked goods are all on the menu. As well as suggested focaccia fillings, customers can design their own with ingredients such as cider and honey ham, Mull cheddar, Asian-herbed crusted salmon and assorted leaves, pickles, croutons and spreads.

The salads look interesting as well. This scribbler is a sucker for a spicy salads so the hot Thai salad with grilled beef, chicken or tofu plus spinach, kale, rice noodles, and assorted spicy pickles and sauces has got us thinking about lunch.

Best of luck to both ventures!

The focaccia at Fettle is made with wheat grown and milled in a five mile radius from Mungo Wells, East Lothian.

The focaccia at Fettle is made with wheat grown and milled in a five mile radius from Mungo Wells, East Lothian. Pic: Facebook