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August 1, 2022

On Friday the 5th of August, the Edinburgh Fringe festival starts for the 75th time. Over the course of the month, some 3171 shows will put on a total of 49827 performances. 

Artists from more than fifty countries will arrive.  And we haven't even mentioned Edinburgh International Festival, the Film Festival, the Book Festival or the Tattoo. All of which bring in their own performers and audiences.

Approximately half a million people live in Edinburgh and they will be joined by a further half a million visitors over the next three weeks. If you like comedy, music, drama, dance, books or fun then it will be fantastic. But let's not kid ourselves, accommodation in the capital will not be easy to come by.

Book with 5pm Hotels

Happily, help is at hand. You can use 5pm Hotels to book rooms not just in Edinburgh but all over Scotland from Gairloch Hotel in the Highlands to Schloss Roxburghe by Kelso in the Borders. Their room availability is live and booking is immediate. Large numbers of the hotels offer special deals, packages and promotions.

For example, at the time of writing, you could book an overnight stay for Friday 5th August in The Four Seasons Hotel in St Fillans, Perthshire for £159. The offer is for a four poster room and includes a continental breakfast plus a  bottle of fizz and cheeseboard in your room on arrival.

Get lucky or...

As you might reasonably point out, St Fillans, which overlooks Loch Earn,  is lovely but it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, Edinburgh. As we may have mentioned, hotel rooms in Edinburgh in August are hard to find. You might get lucky, check on 5pm Hotels, and pick up a last minute cancellation but the important word here is 'lucky'. How lucky? Well, writing last week, the hip and central Rabble on Frederick Street was showing some August availability. Miracles do happen.

Other solutions are available. Many smart festival goers get around the lack of affordable Edinburgh accommodation in August by commuting into the capital for the day. There is much less pressure on hotels in Glasgow and the train shuttle between Glasgow and Edinburgh takes about 50 minutes and runs regularly. As an example, again at the time of writing in late July, you could book a room for Friday 5th August at the Radisson Red (pictured) in Glasgow for £79. The same night in the Crowne Plaza on the Clyde was available at £119.

5pm Hotels: easy, affordable booking

In short, 5pm Hotels can help you enjoy the many festivals taking place in Edinburgh this August and save you money at the same time. Money which you could be spending on tickets, drinks and meals out. And we can help you with meals out too.